How Good Is My English?

This table is designed to help you tell us what level you are currently at when discussing which course option is right for you.

Then when you can come for a free level assessment we can confirm which level of class is best for you.

LevelDescriptionCommon European Framework Levels
1BeginnerYou have no ability to use the language except for a few words
2ElementaryYou can understand and use familiar expressions. You can communicate in simple terms and can exchange information if the other person speaks slowly and clearly.A1
3Lower IntermediateYou can take part in simple exchanges in everyday professional or personal life with a sympathetic native speaker.A2
3IntermediateYou understand the main ideas of texts. You can discuss past and future projects, and you understand limited social conversations.B1
5Upper IntermediateYou have a good command of the language, with some inaccuracies. You understand implicit ideas in complex texts and can use the language effectively for professional or academic purposes.B2
6AdvancedYou have a fully operational command of the language, with occasional inaccuracies, understanding most texts and conversations. You can express ideas coherently and precisely, but are still missing some of the cultural nuances of the language.C1, C2
Description of the different levels of English skill