English for Foreign Nurses

Essential English Communication Skills for Work in the UK

Intensive courses for Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals

Better Communication with Patients and Colleagues

Are you looking to work in the UK?

You already have professional skills and medical knowledge and want a new challenge.

You will need at least Intermediate level of English and be good at the specialist and informal English language used in healthcare situations.  We all know that a major part of Care is effective, compassionate communication with patients as well as competent participation in the healthcare team.

This course will enable you to understand and use English medical terms and their colloquial equivalents. It will help you to build rapport with patients and colleagues and help you avoid cross-cultural mistakes. It will help to equip you to get the UK Healthcare job that you want.

If you need to improve your everyday English you can combine this English for Nursing course with an Intensive General English course.  This might also be linked with an Intensive IELTS Exam Preparation course which will help you get the necessary IELTS score.

Planning to work in the UK?

Is your English good enough?

  • General everyday English
  • Professional medical English
  • Informal healthcare English
  • Cultural awareness

Can you afford to get it wrong?

Make sure you can speak the language of your patients and colleagues. Our English for Nursing courses will help you be safe and confident.

Prepare yourself to get the best job

You and your patients deserve the best.  Talk to us now about the next English for Healthcare course and reserve your place on it.

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