Block Membership

Yes, this is rather a strange title for a way of getting your language lessons cheaper!

Many people choose to pay for their lessons on a monthly basis – a month at a time in advance.  This is a rolling contract which gives them the option of taking up to 3 unpaid absences in an academic year and requires them to give a month’s notice of stopping lessons.  We call this Monthly Membership.

Block Membership gives you a 10% discount on fees for a prepaid block of ten lessons. So instead of £26.00 per lesson you pay just £23.40 per lesson.

Elite Membership

For those who want something more.

The normal group classes can have up to 8 or 10 people.  Elite Group Classes will have a maximum of 5 people (and a minimum of 2).  The quality of interaction and personalisation of the course will be second to none.  The members will get additional guided self-study and access to online resources.

Talk to Chris Heath about your invitation to Elite Membership – call 01279 504429

Special Offer

Do you want to save 10%?

Fill in the form or tell us when you speak to us about the class you want to join.